About Us

Brand Concept

Our brand is founded based on the concept of empowerment, versatility and unity. We design our products with the help of parents around the world. We have united parents from different countries and cultural backgrounds to participate in intense research and development. Their crucial feedbacks and ideas inform the design and manufacturing of our products. As a result we are a brand empowered by global consumer voices. Its versatility transcends cultural and gender barriers.

Our Products

In an effort to provide products with household practicality and the highest safety standards in the industry, we have partnered with FDA registered medical device manufacturers who produce medical products sold and used in hospital and pharmacies around the world. In addition, we only partner with manufacturers that have met all international good manufacturing and fair labor practices. Our products are made with high quality cotton, free from harsh chemical treatments, preservatives, fabric softeners and additives. The finished product is then washed and packaged in medical grade packaging. Products are ready to use immediately upon opening. L’Ange towels and blankets use the Puffer Weave Technique to maximize absorbency and breathability, all while retaining its softness and bounce.

Our Promise

Safety: Product safety is the #1 priority at L’Ange. We hold ourselves to the most stringent industry practices. In order to provide our customers with peace of mind, we are highly involved in every step of the manufacturing process. We have a stringent product testing process where tests are performed at the manufacturing facilities as well as our own in house lab.


Quality: All of our products go through a 3-step quality inspection process. L’Ange towels and blankets are sewn by highly experienced seamstresses with 100% natural cotton. The final product is then sealed using medical grade packaging that protects the products from exterior contaminants and allergens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, dust and other microorganisms. Our revolutionary waterproof packaging also extends the shelf life of the linen products.


Sustainability: We strive to leave as little carbon footprint as possible to educate future generations in caring and sustaining a beautiful world. Cotton is one of the greenest fabrics in consumer textiles. It is a natural fiber grown from mother earth. Unlike other man made fabrics, 100% cotton is biodegradable, allowing it to be absorbed back into the soil.