Frequently Asked Questions


Protects towels from exterior contaminants, decreases product exposure to environmental pollutants and allergens.

The linens are all pre-washed and pre-shrunk prior to packaging in a clean workshop and ready for immediate use upon opening. See medical grade packaging. Washing prior to use will depend on personal preference.

Minor snags will usually go away with laundering. For bigger snags of a single thread, use scissors to trim off the excess. Towels will not unravel or fray after minor trimmings because the layers are interwoven as well as sewn. See Puffer Weave Technique.

For best results, put towels in laundry bag to prevent snagging. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

Simply wash and tumble dry towel to regain fluffiness.

3 layers of cotton muslin fabric are interwoven to form a single sheet. That’s why the number of layers for our linens are in multiple of 3’s. This weaving method will reduce snagging, fraying and prevent layers from unraveling. The weaving combined with the sewing method create air pockets to maximize breathability and absorption.

Inconsistency in size depends on laundering methods and the way the linen crinkles. Linens will seem smaller immediately after laundering, but it will flatten and stretch with use.

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